Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Ninth Curse from Samhain Publishing!

"If you like fast-paced paranormal romances heavy on the magic, you'll enjoy Gillenwater's The Ninth Curse" - Water Lily, Long and Short Reviews 

"...a gripping and spine-tingling paranormal romance." -  Christina, Romance Junkies

His blood for a cure. It's a cruel and deadly bargain…

Nine curses. Nine weeks to live. Joel Hatcher has inherited more than a family legacy. It’s a time bomb that’s ticking down to the inevitable: his own death. But the curse won’t die with him. Unless he can find a way to break the cycle, his younger brother becomes the next victim.

In the throes of the third curse, the Painful Pox, Joel makes a last-ditch decision to seek the help of a young spiritualist.

One look into Joel’s suffering eyes, and “Madame Eugenie” finds herself torn between doing the right thing, and fulfilling her most secret wish—bring her husband Adam back from the dead. Joel’s cursed blood is the missing ingredient in her resurrection rituals, and Adam’s spirit whispers seductively that there’s only one way to get it: steal it.

As Gen and Joel unearth his family’s past to track down a cure, they come closer to each other, and to a horrible truth. To live, Joel must lose everything. Up to and including the woman he has grown to love.

The Ninth Curse is my first paranormal suspense book to be released. It's currently available in electronic format from Samhain Publishing and a print release to follow.

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  1. Ok, I'm sooo excited that this is out - I'm sending a link to all my friends!!